Hearing and Health

A person’s quality of life can improve remarkably with better hearing skills. Sound is one of the major channels by which we come into contact with the world around us. Hearing well allows us to communicate with our family and friends and keeps us in contact with the sounds of life that surround us 24 hours a day.

When a hearing impaired person only hears part of a conversation and has difficulty understanding speech, this can cause the person to withdraw. So, a hearing impairment can cut down on the richness of experiencing life and restricts social interactions.

Studies have shown that persons with a managed hearing loss have half the number of visits to doctors and enjoy better social, emotional, and physical well being. These are good reasons to have your hearing loss managed.

  • Improvement in the quality of life comes from better hearing skills.
  • Individuals with managed hearing loss enjoy better physical and psychological health.
  • Hearing allows us to keep in contact with the sounds of life that surround us every day.