Early Benefit

Early rehabilitation is good rehabilitation

In most cases the loss of hearing is a very gradual process and takes place over many years. As there is no sudden change, people may not be aware of the problem until it is severe enough to cause many communication difficulties.

As a result, many hearing impaired people (and their families) suffer needlessly for years before seeking help. In fact, family and friends often identify a hearing difficulty before the sufferer.

It is known that people wait an average of 7 years before they do something about their hearing difficulty. This is a most unfortunate statistic, as we now know that early intervention in hearing impairment is very important.

The longer a person ignores the problem, the more difficult the adjustment will be when hearing aids are eventually worn. Equally, personal relationships need not suffer when early intervention is available.

Communication is the cornerstone of our society and interpersonal relationships.

Effective communication is also an essential ingredient in the quality of our lives. We should all aim to enjoy the best quality of life. Acting early to address any hearing difficulties is paramount to success.

  • Hearing loss is a gradual process and may go unnoticed.
  • Family and friends are likely to recognise hearing loss before the sufferer.
  • On average 7 quality years of life are wasted in delays in seeking assistance.
  • Early rehabilitation is good rehabilitation.