‚ÄčAudiologists & Audiometrists

At NHC we offer comprehensive training to all of our Audiologists.

We tailor blend learning solutions, which is a combination of online
and on the job training enabling our Audiologists to swiftly settle in
with the right skills. Our Audiologists are exposed to numerous career
development opportunities including secondment roles and stretch
assignments to enhance the learning curve.

Our team works with a wide range of the world's leading brands in
hearing devices and products giving them a rich product experience.

The NHC Audiologist is fiercely customer focussed and acts in the
best interests of the clients. Our Audiologists work in clinics all across
Australia including regional and metropolitan locations.

Should you be interested in being part of our
team, please 
click here to view current vacancies.

International Applicants

Come Work With Us

National Hearing Care is always on the lookout for competent and experienced overseas Audiologists. At NHC we promote diversity in our culture and invite overseas talent to add value to our existing pool of professionals.

If you have work experience as a qualified Audiologist and have a post-graduate degree from an overseas university, you need to have your qualifications assessed against the Australian Audiology requirements.

Audiologists interested in gaining a position at National Hearing Care must be or eligible to be, full members of Audiology Australia or the Australian College of Audiology (AcAud) to be able to practice in our clinics.

Should you be interested in being part of our team, please click here to view current vacancies.