Break the Sound Barrier

When you were fitted with your current devices, they featured new technology and were recommendedto you based on your hearing levels, listening needs and budget. Since then, times have changed. Think about how far mobile phones have progressed in such a short amount of time - hearing technology is no different.

The Right Device For You

Over the years, you may have started to notice circumstances where you are not getting as much benefit from your devices as you need or expect.

To help you assess and evaluate what you need from your hearing aids in the future, we have prepared the following True/False check list. Think about each point carefully before determining if any of the answers are False.

  • Conversations at home are easy to follow
  • Conversations in small groups are easy to follow
  • Conversations are easy to follow in noisy places
  • Background noise is at a comfortable level when I'm at big social gatherings
  • Conversations on the phone are easy to follow
  • It is easy to adjust the settings of my hearing device
  • It is easy to keep my hearing device clean
  • I am happy with the size of my hearing device
  • My hearing device does not whistle when it is in my ear
  • Conversations are easy to follow when I am in the car

If you have answered False to any of these questions, this is a signal that your current devices
may no longer be providing an optimal result. If that's the case, we would love to see you.

​What Are You Waiting For?

Luckily, hearing technology has come a long way.
Improvements include:

  • Enhanced clarity of speech both in quiet and noisy environments
  • Minimal whistling
  • More cosmetically appealing shapes and sizes
  • More automatic features
  • Smartphone compatibility

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