Your First Step to Better Hearing

A Free Hearing Check

The very first step to better hearing is to conduct a free
screening check to determine your hearing levels. This
check confirms if a hearing loss is present. The screening
check is designed for adults.

The entire appointment takes about 20 minutes.

Best of all it is free!

If hearing loss is detected then we will
recommend further evaluation during
a hearing assessment with a qualified
Clinician to investigate the type and
degree of hearing loss.

​Hearing Assessment

During your hearing assessment appointment, your Clinician will perform a series of tests and interpret them to provide a diagnostic assessment.  In your appointment, you can expect the following:

  • A discussion about your hearing and your medical history
  • Otoscopy – a visual look in your ears
  • Audiometry - presentation of sounds to your ears to determine your hearing ability
  • Speech testing - to confirm speech clarity
  • Tympanometry - testing the middle ear system for any signs of dysfunction.
    Eg. Wax, glue ear.

Once the assessment is complete, we will explain the results and recommend if any 
further investigation or treatment is required by a medical professional.

If the tests confirm a hearing loss that could benefit from amplification,
your Clinician  will discuss suitable technology and style options with you. 

Pre-Employment Hearing Checks

National Hearing Care offers hearing pre-employment checks in all of our clinics.
Typical workplaces that require these type of checks include, but aren't limited to:

  • Police Force applicants
  • Army applicants
  • Pilots and other Civic Aviation roles

Should you require a pre-employment hearing check, please let your
local clinic know when booking your appointment as you may be
required to bring along specific paperwork with you.